Prezuki/Early Childhood Music

“Prezuki” is an early childhood music class that gives families a glimpse into the Suzuki Method: early start, parental involvement, group experiences, mastery through repetition, positive reinforcement, experience with instruments, introduction to Suzuki repertoire.

Prezuki is designed for 2 and 3 year old musicians. Students turning 4 during the school year may continue in this class. Class repertoire changes each semester and continuing students can improve skills and deepen their understanding of the concepts learned.

Activities include playing rhythm instruments, drumming, singing, pitch-matching, learning about high/low, fast/slow, soft/loud, listening and moving to a variety of music, and playing games to introduce how to hold instruments and bows.

This fun class lays a foundation for lessons in the Suzuki Method, but can be enjoyed just for the love of music. Families wishing to continue in the Suzuki Strings Program should be on the Observation Sign Up List, found here.

Location Ghent United Methodist Church, 531 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, Room 306

Day & times:  Thursdays starting September 21, times 11:30AM and 5:30PM (full, with wait list). Payment is required to reserve your spot.

Minimum enrollment will be required for all of these classes. Should you not be placed in a class, your tuition will be refunded.

Teacher:  Sarah Ford. Mrs. Ford is the founder of AOM’s Suzuki Strings Program. She has a Master’s Degree in Music Education and over 25 years of preschool music teaching experience.

Tuition:   $60/semester. This special rate was established to introduce new families to AOM. Families new to AOM must pay a $35 registration fee. Tuition must be paid to secure your place. Please use our online payment page or call the AOM office with payment details.

Questions about class time or content: Sarah Ford

Questions about registration, enrollment, tuition payment: Jill Keifer at The Academy of Music,

Prezuki Classes form around availability. You may register and be notified for future classes.

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Prezuki Classes form around availability. Please submit the following information and you will be notified as a class becomes available. All students must have a full registration form on file with The Academy of Music.

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