suzuki observation

The AOM Suzuki Program currently has no openings for any beginners in violin, viola, or cello. We anticipate openings for Fall 2024. We strongly recommend that you sign up for your Suzuki observations early. With rare exceptions, students must begin Suzuki lessons in September. Transfer Suzuki students, in addition to filling out this form, please call the office at 757.627.0967.

Group classes are currently held on Thursdays starting at 5pm in Norfolk. Group classes are a mandatory part of the Suzuki curriculum, so please consider whether this obligation will fit with your family’s schedule.

Before Suzuki lessons can begin, the following requirements must me met.

1. Observe

Observation of private lessons and group classes is required before you can begin your Suzuki instruction.  Please fill out the form below to set up your observation times.  Group classes mainly take place on Thursdays between 5:00 and 7:30 in Norfolk.

If you have a second child interested in Suzuki, please make note of that here.

2. Listen

Purchase Suzuki Volume 1 (REVISED) Cello, Viola or Violin CD (this can also be downloaded digitally from iTunes).  Daily listening to this repertoire is essential to learning the songs your child will study. This is similar to learning a foreign language.  AOM recommends purchasing a physical copy of The REVISED Volume 1 of the CD, as it can be purchased with the book included.


3. Read 

Purchase and read Nurtured by Love, Revised Edition by Shin’ichi Suzuki, translated by Kyoto Selden and Lili Selden.  These can also be checked out from The Academy of Music office.

4.  Join

Feel free to follow the Academy of Music Facebook page for updates, articles, and news.

For more information about the Suzuki Method, please click on the link below to the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.

If you are using Amazon to purchase your Suzuki supplies, don’t forget to support The Academy of Music by using Amazon Smile!  More information on that here.

Policy Overview

Here is a list of some of our policies.  Please refer to our student handbook for all of our policies and procedures.

  1.  Payment in-full or a payment plan must be on file within 1 month of beginning lessons or lessons will be suspended until a plan or payment is established.  All balances must be paid off in-full before the beginning of the following semester in order to continue lessons.
  2.  Inclement weather may lead to lessons being cancelled.  We follow the discretion of Norfolk Public Schools for office closing; however, it is by arrangement with your teacher and yourself whether or not lessons will occur due to weather.  Safety is our main concern.  Cancelled lessons due to inclement weather are made up at the discretion of the teacher.
  3.  If you must cancel a lesson for any reason, please give your teacher 24-hour notice. Your teacher will provide you with the attendance policy for his or her studio. Cancellations due to illness, family emergency, or inclement weather may be made up at the discretion of the teacher. Please do not expect make-up lessons for other reasons.
  4.  Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be made up in a mutually agreeable manner.
  5.  To withdraw from your lessons, written notification of withdrawal must be given to the Academy office by e-mail or mail.  You will be refunded for the remainder of your lessons.  If no withdrawal notice is given, you are responsible for payment of all lessons.
  6.  We provide need-based scholarships as part of our mission to provide the joys and benefits of learning music to the residents of Hampton Roads, regardless of their ability to pay.  Should you like to apply for these scholarships, please visit the scholarship portion of our website.