To register with the Academy you will:

1.  Fill Out The Interest Form (only for traditional lessons, NOT Suzuki)

This form can be reached by selecting the link at the bottom of the page. ***Please read the remainder of the important information on this page before continuing on.***

For Suzuki registration, please click here

On this form, you will give us your contact information, and information about the type of lessons you wish to sign up for. After we receive your form, our registrar Jill Keifer will contact you and give your information to a teacher that suits your needs. Please be advised that our registrar works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9AM-3PM. If you need assistance outside of those hours, please contact our Office Manager Anna Feucht.

2.  Set Up Your Lessons With A Teacher

After you have filled out the interest form, one of our many wonderful teachers will be contacting you to set up your lesson time, length, and location. You can view their faculty bios here.

3.  Fill Out Your Lesson Agreement Form

After you have set up your lessons with a teacher, our registrar will e-mail you a digital copy of our Student Handbook and a link to your lesson agreement form (a paper copy will be mailed if necessary). This form will ensure that you are invoiced for the correct number and length of lessons. After you fill out this form, you will be asked to pay a one time registration fee of $35.00 per family.

Policy Overview

Here is a list of some of our policies. Please refer to our Student Handbook 2016 for all of our policies and procedures.

  1.  Payment in-full or a payment plan must be on file within 1 month of beginning lessons or lessons will be suspended until a plan or payment is established. All balances must be paid off in-full before the beginning of the following semester in order to continue lessons.
  2.  Inclement weather may lead to lessons being cancelled. We follow the discretion of Norfolk Public Schools for office closing; however, it is by arrangement with your teacher and yourself whether or not lessons will occur due to weather. Safety is our main concern. Cancelled lessons due to inclement weather are made up at the discretion of the teacher.
  3.  If you must cancel a lesson for any reason, please give your teacher 24-hour notice. When possible, missed lessons will be made up if 24-hours notice was given. Cancellations made after the 24 hour mark will be made up at the discretion of the teacher.
  4.  Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be made up in a mutually agreeable manner.
  5. Your agreement with your teacher and AOM reserves your lesson space. Except for serious illness/unexpected move/military orders you will be expected to complete the semester and year of lessons as agreed.
  6.  We provide need-based scholarships as part of our mission to provide the joys and benefits of learning music to the residents of Hampton Roads, regardless of their ability to pay. Should you like to apply for these scholarships, please visit the scholarship portion of our website.